The Foundations outer ring of the Mission Dominance Model is comprised of our core software capability areas including information governance, DevOps, security, IT operations, and cloud, all components used in the model’s implementation.

Each capability area represents a subset of our portfolio, leveraged to implement the four phases of Plan, Build, Deliver, and Run. The subsequent pages illustrate how the capability areas and corresponding software products support each phase.

Our portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions is built on open standards and offers:

  • Commonalityintegration with our other products and third party offerings
  • Interchangeabilityfunctionality with existing offerings without the need to rip and replace legacy tools
  • Interoperabilitysolutions that simplify, automate, and streamline the exchange of information between each other to reduce data overload

MFGS, Inc.’s Mission Dominance Model provides a prescriptive, comprehensive roadmap with clear instructions for successful implementation to accelerate innovation and drive mission dominance.