About the Mission Dominance Model

MFGS, Inc.’s Mission Dominance Model is based on an open standard for digital product development published by the Open GroupTM. The model aims to illustrate how each area of enterprise software architecture interconnects to support an optimally efficient automated product development capability. The foundational software capabilities in the outer ring group our product portfolio into capability areas. Various capability areas then come together to operate the phases of Plan, Build, Deliver, and Run in driving mission dominance.

The model and our supported software portfolio optimizes prebuilt value streams with control and automation of every step required for digital product development. They enable continuous quality and security while identifying issues at the earliest point in the process. They increase service reliability through visualization, analytical, and maintenance tools that improve mission performance and minimize downtime.

The successful implementation of the model and software solutions facilitate accelerated time-to-mission value with less risk and higher quality at a lower cost.